Why do we consider WonderFish the Jabugo octopus?

1 Selected products from the best fishing grounds in the Atlantic Ocean:

At Wonderfish we put a great deal of our efforts in terms of sourcing. We are very selective when it comes to choosing the raw material we work with, paying great attention to the quality and origin of the raw material and, above all, to sustainable fishing.

2 Additive-free dehydration of products.

To support our innovative production process, it is necessary to dehydrate the product. A key aspect to take into account is that Wonderfish. does not make use any kind of additives.

100% natural, additive and colorant free and made in Spain.

3 Cutting and packaging with ZERO atmosphere machinery.

The cutting is all done by hand by experienced professionals who also carry out the task of selecting the product for subsequent packaging. Any specimen that does not comply with specific quality conditions is set aside.

4 Steam Baking with the right timing.

We carry out a really special cooking process, applying very specific times for each size, as a result of an exhaustive study, in order to find the optimum texture and flavor.

5 Maceration for 72 hours with temperature controls.

Subsequently, the product is controlled in cold rooms at a temperature between 0°c and 4°c, from 48h to 72h for its maceration.